Securing and Optimising your Mobile Workforce

We make it possible to balance high security with an unrivaled user experience, meeting all of your authentication and credential management requirements.

Our products replace traditional security technologies with one simple solution.


Our products meet the highest security standards, such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3, for authentication and identity management, ensuring the most secure and robust technology.

Our hardware device is designed with security to its core. With alignment to FIPS 140-2 Level 3*, organisations can trust the device to help protect data and credentials to a high assurance level.

Our Software Solution, iDENprotect, utilises the security hardware of the mobile device by underpinning its security with the device’s cryptographic hardware.

Unrivaled User Experience

Our iDENtear and iDENprotect identity and authentication products provide the balance between security and usability.

Our unique authentication and identity management products ensure a great user experience.
Our hardware devices, in either credit card or small key-fob form factor, have a single button, no screens or keypads.

A single press of the button establishes access and other functions, allowing the user to access data or applications without being inconvenienced.

Highly Flexible

Used alone, or in combination, to cater for different levels of access requirements, iDENtear and iDENprotect work seamlessly side by side to help secure all your data.

Any combination of our hardware and software solutions can be quickly deployed and centrally controlled from the same iSPA server management console. Users can be added or switched from one to the other as access policies or regulations dictate.

Whether pressing the button on iDENtear hardware or pressing the logo on the iDENprotect software, the user experience remains the same…simple, convenient and effective. This prevents unnecessary and reduces IT support overheads.

Reduce Your Costs

The use of iDENtear and iDENprotect can reduce your security and identity management costs by as much as 70%.

Organisations can consolidate all their traditional technologies into a single smart authentication solution.

Together, both iDENtear and iDENprotect can replace cumbersome and expensive products such as hardware number generators, smartcards and smartcard readers whilst still maintaining the highest level of security.

About Apply Mobile

Apply Mobile are experts in information security. Apply Mobile designs technology that provides ultra-secure data access solutions. Our technology is designed to work with a variety of computing platforms, including laptops, with a particular focus on mobile devices such as phones and tablet devices. Our clients use our technology to simplify security, reduce costs and enhance productivity.

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