Hardware backed multi-factor authentication for all your devices

iDENprotect provides developers with the tools to integrate multi-factor authentication into their applications. The iDENprotect engine uses the secure hardware present on modern devices to provide PKI-based certificate authentication.

iDENprotect Security, Ease and Flexibility

iDENprotect enables businesses to increase the availability of information and ease of access without creating additional risk. Our innovative technology leverages the secure hardware built in to modern mobile devices to simplify security, reduce costs and enhance productivity. We see our ideal clients within regulated industries such as financial services, government, and defence, where the expectation for security and privacy is high.

5 Reasons Hardware is Critical to Success

  • Self-contained hardware-based security doesn’t require additional resources.
  • Dedicated hardware cannot be affected by malicious code infection, os vulnerabilities and unauthorised access.
  • Hardware offers stronger resilience against common and brute-force attacks.
  • Rules-based crypto modules can automatically shut down the system and securely purge data.
  • Access controls are stronger and cannot be manipulated via software.


The iDENprotect SDK is used by developers both in bespoke applications and as an independent authenticator app servicing authentication requests from other applications and systems. It fully integrates with industry-leading standards such as SAML2, OATH and OpenID.

The result? You get greater flexibility and easier integration as well as the ability to maintain your existing business processes and infrastructure investments. And, of course, outstanding security in an ever riskier world.

iDENprotect Explained


Modern security for modern landscapes - the iDENprotect engine leverages the secure storage on the ARM chipset known as the secure enclave to protect against attack. Built upon trusted PKI standards our solution is secure by design and seeks to meet or exceed expectations such as the FIPS 140-2 standards.



Unlike traditional multi-factor authentication, we seek to achieve the optimum balance of security and usability, without compromise. A simple fingerprint scan can be used to access your information, wherever and whenever.




iDENprotect enables you to consolidate other access control hardware devices, including smartcards and tokens, providing economies of scale. As end users already have smartphones we also reduce the need to purchase costly additional devices such as smart card readers or number generators.